This FabricForm application instruction was developed using a Hotronix press with a Bottom Heat Platen. Since every heat press is slightly different, we recommend testing the heat & time on your specific press.

Application takes as little as 10 seconds.

Stahl's Hotronix Press - Bottom Platen

Instructions For Applying Emblems Using A Bottom Heat Platen


Press settings:

Top Platen Heat: as low as possible (175 )

Bottom Platen Heat: 325 - 350

Pressure: 9


Remove the liner from the back of the emblem.


Position the emblem on the shirt in the desired location. Optional: you can add a thin strip of Stahl’s Thermo Tape on top of the emblem to hold it in place.


Place the shirt on the heat press so that the emblem is face-up in the middle of the bottom platen. Lay the silicone pad on top of the emblem so that the emblem is centered under the silicone pad and is completely covered.


Heat your emblem. Start with 10 seconds. Depending on your machine and fabric, additional time may be needed. The time should not exceed 30 seconds.


Remove the shirt from the heat press and allow it to cool for 15-20 seconds. Slowly peel back the protective film from the emblem at a sharp angle.

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