Gray & Red Logo

The Dragons


The colors and textures in this logo are basic, but attractive.

The name on this fun team logo really pops.

This thicker emblem construction doesn't require any texturing.




We produced a variety of SHU emblems, all with different sport names at the bottom.

This retro-style emblem looks great on a hat or backpack.

This purple and black have a nice shine in the light.



Delicate Tree

Using the same die, we produced a white version and a metallic chrome version..

The crisp lines give this ram a sharp look.

The brilliant color and fine texture gives the appearance of jewelry.

Native Hockey

The Herd

Black Knights

The white and orange really pop on this chrome background.

The opaque blue accents look great on this emblem.

In addition to this design, we also produced the knight by itself.


Soccer League

Corporate Logo

The white outline around the cracked ice is a great way to produce very fine elements.

This design enabled us to easily change colors - in the same order.

Add a "wow factor" to your company''s branding.

Palm Trees

Fish with Scales

Culinary Kitchen

Fun accent pieces can be added to bags, cases and backpacks.

Our in-house artists create textures to accentuate your logo and give it added 'pop.'

Most people swear this is hammered metal - until they fold it in half.

Black on Black

Gold Wings


Texturing catches the light at certain angles - at others, the jet black logo disappears..

Rich, printed gold gives this piece the look of stamped metal.

The stippled texture looks great with the smooth metal-look accents.

Butterfly with Electric Colors

Forest River

South Bend

Vibrant, transparent colors let the chrome material shine through.

Matte and chrome elements can be incorporated into the same emblem.

The black text on this part is 1/16" tall, yet it is crisp, clean, and perfectly legible.

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