Clearly see the difference.

Fabric-Form emblem

Crisp. Clean. Detailed.

The letters of both Dec-O-Art logos on the right are .75" tall. As you can see, the lines of the FabricForm emblem are perfectly smooth with crisp edges. The embroidered lines appear more zig-zagged than straight. It looks a bit messy, in comparison.


Embroidered logos that include fine detail and tiny text can be difficult to read, but our emblems offer beautiful detail and look great at any size, and from any distance. The South Bend logo shown below includes text that is crisp and beautiful at  1/16 of an inch tall.


Unmatched metallic finishes and textures.

Unlike anything available in embroidery, our metallic finishes can provide the shine of mirrored chrome. We can replicate the look of a variety of metals, as well as produce brilliant, shiny colors such as electric blues, flashy reds, and vibrant greens.


Our detailed textures cannot be replicated by embroidery. Textures are custom designed for each emblem to best enhance the design. We can design your branding to look like stamped metal or rounded, plastic injection molded parts - all of which are soft, flexible, and washable.

Embroidered emblem

Crisp text at 1/16 of an inch

Metallics & jewel tones with intricate textures

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